Time to explain something to people about Trump…

One thing I’ve been noticing people say is things that make it seem like Trump is uniquely arrogant, or uniquely power hungry or controlling. The short answer to this is: he isn’t. Every politician is just as arrogant, power hungry and controlling, they just prefer to pretend they don’t possess those qualities to fool you into voting for them.

Let me repeat that for you in a different way: There is nothing unique about any of the characteristics you don’t like about trump in a politician or public figure.  I know, its preferable to believe that the “orange cheeto” is uniquely bad in the area of politics, but the only reason Trump is so jarring to your sense of reality is because he doesn’t try to pretend to be someone he is not.

He’s a brash, rude, self-centered egomaniac and he’s upfront and honest about it.

He’s a sociopath that doesn’t hide his tendencies.

So is almost every single politician that has ever run for president or a position of power, locally or nationally.

Sorry kids, you’ve been dealing with Trumps your whole life, you just didn’t pay attention until it was in your face.

You don’t believe it? Well then get comfortable, you’re going to continue swimming in sociopaths until you stop pretending the one who doesn’t hide his nature is harming you more than the ones hiding in the shadows.


North Korea and War Hawks

So, I wasn’t initially paying much attention to the whole North Korea incident, because its more of the same empty threats to gas up the North Korean dictator and f o r propaganda purposes. I thought the U.S  was going to blow it off as usual…boy was I wrong.

Insert Trump’s big ass mouth telling China to “deal with North Korea or we will”…who is “we”?

…here’s your gun and ammo Trump, go get em all by yourself!

…but anyway, I was hoping to see Trump supporters rail against this bull crap, but sadly, they’ve started drinking the kool-aid again, and now I see people trying to justify the idea that the U.S. should go in and enact regime change in North Korea…..

…..because they threatened to nuke the U.S…… like they’ve been doing for decades.

…I’m sorry, but are we talking about the North Korea that can’t keep electricity going to their capital, let alone most of their country?

…The same North Korea that lives on aid from China to keep its country from falling a part?

…The same North Korea that is still at war with South Korea, but gets humanitarian aid in the form of FOOD to keep its citizens from starving to death?

…The same North Korea that can’t get a missile farther than the edge of the sea of Japan?

….that North Korea is this huge threat that cannot be allowed to continue….in its empty threats?

…besides that, we have fucking anti-missile technology…you’re telling me if they shoot a missile at the U.S that we can’t intercept and destroy it before it hits the target?



…none of you are using your brains here, there is no threat from North Korea.

…this is war hawkish bullshit to find an excuse go in and destroy another country.

…Stop sipping that kool-aid, it’s toxic.

So…I’m actually going to defend Lil Wayne.

Hell is freezing over y’all..

Anyway, here it goes:

I need y’all to get it through your skulls that blacklivesmatter hasn’t and will not ever, actually effectively improve the situation for anyone.

When you can be not considered apart of the “black community”anymore and have people attack you, wish harm upon you, and dismiss you as a coon or a “lost cause” (who gave you authority to decide that? That’s right, no one) because apparently some of us missed the passing out of the manual on being black.

I guess somewhere in it theres some definition of “true blackness” meaning if you have a permanent year round tan there are certain ideologies and worldviews that you have to buy into at all times in order to be in the good graces of the negro community.

Deviating from this strict definition of identity could result in dire consequences, with your punishment being used as an example of what happens when you actually have an original thought on anything.

When y’all do this,along with many other things, why exactly do you think anyone seeing that would believe you when you utter the phrase “blacklivesmatter”?
And why, exactly, does it ruffle people’s feathers that lil Wayne said “my life matters”? If he said it didn’t, that would be dangerous, yes? That would mean he wouldn’t care about preserving his own life…which would lead to reckless behavior.
Also, why are people offended that he said you don’t have to put a name on somebody getting killed by the police for an effed up reason?
Doesn’t sound like someone who is saying police brutality doesn’t happen, now does it? It sounds like someone who is essentially saying any one killed by police for an effed up reason is a problem.

…sounds like he’s essentially saying…*gasps* “all lives matter”. *dun dun dunn*

Hell, it still boggles my mind that people are offended by “all lives matter”, since most of the people using it actually do really believe that, but it’s not like this is a logical situation so…take that however you want.

I don’t even LIKE lil Wayne or even like what he says most of the time. I’m annoyed places like blacktwitter, Facebook, YouTube, and various black blog sites are so damn unreasonable in their attacks on him about this, that y’all have me out here trying to defend this dude’s right to his opinion. Even if he sounds crazy saying it.

Dna ancestry…

So, I took an ancestrydna test back in july/august, and received results in September…

…ok, here’s the deal…

…I’ve been trying to pretend like I am happy with my results, but in all honesty, I’m not pleased with them at all.

Since I’ve now brought up my displeasure, I now feel obligated to reveal said results:

88% African

3% Native American

1% Central Asian

8% European.

…I’ve tried for weeks to make myself ok with these results, but I have to be honest with myself and say I’m extremely disappointed in them.

Doesn’t matter what anyone says to me, I really do think it was a waste of my time.

Lecture away, I don’t care.




Let’s go ahead and talk politics, why not?

Disclaimer: when getting into this subject sometimes I can come across as blunt and straightforward.  That’s my writing style, take it or leave it. So, politics..ugh, I’ve had the misfo…

Source: Let’s go ahead and talk politics, why not?

So, Should you get an Ancestry.com Subscription?

There are a few things that people should know about before they decide to buy a subscription:

  • Despite the advertisements the website runs for their new collections, there is no guarantee that the collection will actually have information in that area for the state you’re researching within.
  • many of their collections are very limited in scope to only a handful of states or a handful of counties or cities within a state.
  • Looking for ancestors from small towns? Good luck with that; you may or may not get lucky in your search on Ancestry depending on what kind of records you’re looking for.

One of the biggest offenders in this area are the historical directories; they mainly cover major cities.

  • Most of their records are very generalized;They deal with mainly records that they find on the state and federal level.

Finding anything specific and personal (like photos and other things of a sentimental value) on Ancestry is most likely not going to happen unless you happen to come across a long lost relative who is posting this information on the site themselves.

So, should you get an Ancestry.com subscription? It depends. If you only need to search for very simple and general records, I don’t think so. There are too many free websites that have Census Records available for a basic Census Record search. My favorite of those free websites is FamilySearch.org , but you can definitely find others like it if you’re just trying to find people in the census records or other basic records if you’re just getting started.

I personally see nothing wrong with getting a monthly subscription to Ancestry and seeing if you like it. In no way is it going to be the only resource you will ever need, despite the advertising they use to make people think otherwise, but it’s not actually a bad site if you use it for what it actually is: one resource out of many.

The most important thing to remember is that if Ancestry doesn’t have a record for your state or town, it doesn’t mean the record doesn’t exist. It just means that it’s not available for Ancestry to acquire the records to digitize and make them available online. You will just have to check for those records on a local level before you can determine if they actually exist or not.  That’s not exactly conducive to having the ease of searching for your ancestor’s records in your pajamas in bed, but all things worth doing are not always that easy. 🙂