Time to explain something to people about Trump…

One thing I’ve been noticing people say is things that make it seem like Trump is uniquely arrogant, or uniquely power hungry or controlling. The short answer to this is: he isn’t. Every politician is just as arrogant, power hungry and controlling, they just prefer to pretend they don’t possess those qualities to fool you into voting for them.

Let me repeat that for you in a different way: There is nothing unique about any of the characteristics you don’t like about trump in a politician or public figure.  I know, its preferable to believe that the “orange cheeto” is uniquely bad in the area of politics, but the only reason Trump is so jarring to your sense of reality is because he doesn’t try to pretend to be someone he is not.

He’s a brash, rude, self-centered egomaniac and he’s upfront and honest about it.

He’s a sociopath that doesn’t hide his tendencies.

So is almost every single politician that has ever run for president or a position of power, locally or nationally.

Sorry kids, you’ve been dealing with Trumps your whole life, you just didn’t pay attention until it was in your face.

You don’t believe it? Well then get comfortable, you’re going to continue swimming in sociopaths until you stop pretending the one who doesn’t hide his nature is harming you more than the ones hiding in the shadows.


North Korea and War Hawks

So, I wasn’t initially paying much attention to the whole North Korea incident, because its more of the same empty threats to gas up the North Korean dictator and f o r propaganda purposes. I thought the U.S  was going to blow it off as usual…boy was I wrong.

Insert Trump’s big ass mouth telling China to “deal with North Korea or we will”…who is “we”?

…here’s your gun and ammo Trump, go get em all by yourself!

…but anyway, I was hoping to see Trump supporters rail against this bull crap, but sadly, they’ve started drinking the kool-aid again, and now I see people trying to justify the idea that the U.S. should go in and enact regime change in North Korea…..

…..because they threatened to nuke the U.S…… like they’ve been doing for decades.

…I’m sorry, but are we talking about the North Korea that can’t keep electricity going to their capital, let alone most of their country?

…The same North Korea that lives on aid from China to keep its country from falling a part?

…The same North Korea that is still at war with South Korea, but gets humanitarian aid in the form of FOOD to keep its citizens from starving to death?

…The same North Korea that can’t get a missile farther than the edge of the sea of Japan?

….that North Korea is this huge threat that cannot be allowed to continue….in its empty threats?

…besides that, we have fucking anti-missile technology…you’re telling me if they shoot a missile at the U.S that we can’t intercept and destroy it before it hits the target?



…none of you are using your brains here, there is no threat from North Korea.

…this is war hawkish bullshit to find an excuse go in and destroy another country.

…Stop sipping that kool-aid, it’s toxic.

Let’s go ahead and talk politics, why not?

Disclaimer: when getting into this subject sometimes I can come across as blunt and straightforward.  That’s my writing style, take it or leave it.

So, politics..ugh, I’ve had the misfortune of being engaged in this conversation quite a lot in the last few months almost everywhere I go.

I will go ahead and clear the air now: no I don’t care for Clinton or Trump, and no, I will not “hold my nose” and vote for either one of them. Unlike other individuals, I do not support people that do not represent my best interests, nor will I support anyone under duress. Its not happening, and no one has the ability to guilt me into changing my mind, so don’t bother trying.

There is one thing that is REALLY bothering me about this election though; there are still individuals who are so trusting of the intentions of people in positions of power and influence, but especially the strange fervor in which Hillary Clinton supporters will blindly trust her. If it was because of ignorance of the information that is widely spread online (with sources!),it would be easy to remedy such an issue, but it doesn’t matter what information you present to her supporters, they will nitpick and use any reason, no matter how miniscule it may be, to dismiss, minimize the importance of, and/or excuse their favored candidate from any and all blame.  It’s kind of amazing to see how it’s done, because when you hear their arguments, you’re just kind of blown away by the cognitive dissonance that is presented in all of its glory when you level any sort of criticism towards her.  Then they’re left wondering why she does not have widespread support and adoration among women, minorities, men,”insert identity politics approved label here”,etc.

It’s not acceptable to use an “unapproved” source with a Hillary Supporter. They will not accept alternative media as a source even if they’re the only ones covering this important information, even if the author has taken the time to cite every source they have used to write their article. If it’s not a mainstream media site, they’re not interested.

To be fair, it seems to be a problem with a lot of individuals in general, not only HIllary’s supporters. The idea that the only people who can present the facts has to be within this tiny circle of mainstream media websites and channels is incredibly self-limiting. You’re missing out on information that isn’t presented anywhere else. No it may not all be true, but this is the same situation when you’re dealing with mainstream reporting so it’s not a unique trait for alternative media. With all news, you do have to filter out the trash and opinions presented as fact to get to the real information.

The response is usually some variation of “theyd be all over it if it was true, reporters love getting an exclusive story, etc” to explain away any information they didn’t hear from their trusted sources and why it’s only reported by alternative media. If you really think that there’s no reason mainstream media would lie or cover up anything if there was proof, my question to you would be: what proof do you have that would be sufficient to show that they wouldn’t lie or cover up anything?

There are  reporters such as Sharyl Atkinson, formerly of CBS news, that talk about the silencing tactics used against reporters and the stories they’ve  investigated  that are not allowed to get out into the public sphere. She also talks about how the media is used to push agendas and also to influence public opinion.

Another  reporter to look into is former CNN reporter Amber Lyon, who talks about the lies and propaganda used by CNN to influence public opinion.

Jon Rappoport, another independent investigative reporter, has shared similar sentiments about the news and media. .

There are many more independent Journalists whom are surprisingly coming to similar conclusions.

Why, then, is it so surprising and treated as an impossibility, that mainstream news has lied,still lies, and does censor news that should be covered but isnt?  This does not include the fact (and it IS fact) of propaganda being legal in the United States via NDAA signed by Obama in 2012, and reinforced with amendments and additions included in subsequent yearly resignings of the bill into law.

…This isn’t difficult to understand.

Add on top of this, Guccifer 2.0 leaks showing that the Clinton foundation was receiving donations from owners of major media networks, emails showing Hillary’s campaign involvement in wining and dining reporters at off the record parties exclusively for the most high profile and influential  among them, wikileaks releasing podesta emails where they listed reporters designated as “friendlies” to Clinton, along with many other bombshells in a wide range of areas.

But oh no, CNN told us we can’t read them because they’re illegal! Which is bull crap, we didn’t hack the email account  or take the emails to give to a third party. It’s not illegal to go on a website, you can’t enforce that on millions of people anyway.

Then you have the James O’Keefe undercover tapes proving that the DNC and Hillary and her campaign were colluding with a company run by one of her supporters to manufacture and incite violence at Trump rallies(and that she knew about it). That’s not even the most damning aspect of the tapes: they’re caught on tape admitting they manipulate the vote by bussing in voters to vote more than one precinct and the DNC have been doing it at least the last fifty years.

… and the media is giving this tape little to no attention.

…seriously, how much evidence do you need to see before you realize this idea that you can trust what you’re reading from mainstream media is naive and setting yourself up for being manipulated?

I don’t know whether it’s more appropriate to laugh at the insanity or cry out of frustration. It’s that bad.

This is one of many reasons why I’m not voting.

If you thought your vote counted before, you definitely should’ve gotten a nice wake up call this year.

Your vote doesn’t count.

Stay home and do something productive, because this isn’t it.