VAMPS (JPN) Concert at The Loft Atlanta Review

So, I went to the Vamps concert last night at Center Stage-The Loft, and I have to admit, it was a helluva show.

They had merchandise! I bought a hoodie, a t-shirt, an album (I only had the itunes version before last night), and a mirror. They’re out of XL for hoodies, but the large is HUGE on me. I could’ve gotten a medium in it, but I like hoodies baggy on me so it works haha. All of the gear is made with high quality material, I really love the merch.

The two opening acts for Vamps headlining show were Palaye Royale and Darke Complex.

I’ve never heard of either band before this concert so it was a new experience for me. Both bands were pretty good, with Palaye Royale standing out a bit more between the two, in my opinion of course.

Darke Complex had a  bit more of a dark style to their music, and it wasn’t bad, but I personally wasn’t very into their music during their set.

The vocalist of Palaye Royale (whose name I need to google later, I’m sorry lol) was really pretty good, with a fun personality and ability to work a crowd of mostly Vamps fans into jamming with the bands music by the end of their set. They also complained about how hot it was hahaha.

Then, it was time for VAMPS to come on stage. The set list for the show is already being circulated online so I won’t go song by song, just the highlights for me.

Hyde came out with a hooded jacket on, that he later discarded and had on a tank top underneath.

The highlights of the show for me was Rise or Die, Bleed For Me, B.Y.O.B., Inside of Me, Calling, Break Free, hell I might as well say the entire concert was the highlight lol.

Personal highlight was when I got loose during Rise or Die and was jumping all over the place, Hyde spotted me and started jumping with me hahahaha.

There were a couple of songs I didn’t care for before the concert , but after hearing them live, I really like them now, like Evil, Bloodsuckers, and Revolution. I realize now songs like Revolution are made for live shows and I jammed to it the whole time haha.

Overall, I really had a ridiculous amount of fun at the concert, not only jamming to the music, but interacting with other fans in line, before and after the concert.

I was already a big fan of the group, but this live made me an even bigger fan. I never thought I could like VAMPS more than I already did, but it happened. Ju-Ken stood out tonight, he was interactive with the crowd and he caught everyone’s attention.

I really hope Vamps comes back to Atlanta soon, because I would pay twice the amount for tickets to see them again! The happiest I’ve ever been to part with money in a while (and I’m cheap lol).





So, Should you get an Subscription?

There are a few things that people should know about before they decide to buy a subscription:

  • Despite the advertisements the website runs for their new collections, there is no guarantee that the collection will actually have information in that area for the state you’re researching within.
  • many of their collections are very limited in scope to only a handful of states or a handful of counties or cities within a state.
  • Looking for ancestors from small towns? Good luck with that; you may or may not get lucky in your search on Ancestry depending on what kind of records you’re looking for.

One of the biggest offenders in this area are the historical directories; they mainly cover major cities.

  • Most of their records are very generalized;They deal with mainly records that they find on the state and federal level.

Finding anything specific and personal (like photos and other things of a sentimental value) on Ancestry is most likely not going to happen unless you happen to come across a long lost relative who is posting this information on the site themselves.

So, should you get an subscription? It depends. If you only need to search for very simple and general records, I don’t think so. There are too many free websites that have Census Records available for a basic Census Record search. My favorite of those free websites is , but you can definitely find others like it if you’re just trying to find people in the census records or other basic records if you’re just getting started.

I personally see nothing wrong with getting a monthly subscription to Ancestry and seeing if you like it. In no way is it going to be the only resource you will ever need, despite the advertising they use to make people think otherwise, but it’s not actually a bad site if you use it for what it actually is: one resource out of many.

The most important thing to remember is that if Ancestry doesn’t have a record for your state or town, it doesn’t mean the record doesn’t exist. It just means that it’s not available for Ancestry to acquire the records to digitize and make them available online. You will just have to check for those records on a local level before you can determine if they actually exist or not.  That’s not exactly conducive to having the ease of searching for your ancestor’s records in your pajamas in bed, but all things worth doing are not always that easy. 🙂