Time to explain something to people about Trump…

One thing I’ve been noticing people say is things that make it seem like Trump is uniquely arrogant, or uniquely power hungry or controlling. The short answer to this is: he isn’t. Every politician is just as arrogant, power hungry and controlling, they just prefer to pretend they don’t possess those qualities to fool you into voting for them.

Let me repeat that for you in a different way: There is nothing unique about any of the characteristics you don’t like about trump in a politician or public figure.  I know, its preferable to believe that the “orange cheeto” is uniquely bad in the area of politics, but the only reason Trump is so jarring to your sense of reality is because he doesn’t try to pretend to be someone he is not.

He’s a brash, rude, self-centered egomaniac and he’s upfront and honest about it.

He’s a sociopath that doesn’t hide his tendencies.

So is almost every single politician that has ever run for president or a position of power, locally or nationally.

Sorry kids, you’ve been dealing with Trumps your whole life, you just didn’t pay attention until it was in your face.

You don’t believe it? Well then get comfortable, you’re going to continue swimming in sociopaths until you stop pretending the one who doesn’t hide his nature is harming you more than the ones hiding in the shadows.


North Korea and War Hawks

So, I wasn’t initially paying much attention to the whole North Korea incident, because its more of the same empty threats to gas up the North Korean dictator and f o r propaganda purposes. I thought the U.S  was going to blow it off as usual…boy was I wrong.

Insert Trump’s big ass mouth telling China to “deal with North Korea or we will”…who is “we”?

…here’s your gun and ammo Trump, go get em all by yourself!

…but anyway, I was hoping to see Trump supporters rail against this bull crap, but sadly, they’ve started drinking the kool-aid again, and now I see people trying to justify the idea that the U.S. should go in and enact regime change in North Korea…..

…..because they threatened to nuke the U.S…… like they’ve been doing for decades.

…I’m sorry, but are we talking about the North Korea that can’t keep electricity going to their capital, let alone most of their country?

…The same North Korea that lives on aid from China to keep its country from falling a part?

…The same North Korea that is still at war with South Korea, but gets humanitarian aid in the form of FOOD to keep its citizens from starving to death?

…The same North Korea that can’t get a missile farther than the edge of the sea of Japan?

….that North Korea is this huge threat that cannot be allowed to continue….in its empty threats?

…besides that, we have fucking anti-missile technology…you’re telling me if they shoot a missile at the U.S that we can’t intercept and destroy it before it hits the target?



…none of you are using your brains here, there is no threat from North Korea.

…this is war hawkish bullshit to find an excuse go in and destroy another country.

…Stop sipping that kool-aid, it’s toxic.

Time for a rant

I am becoming increasingly annoyed with everything and everyone.

I am getting sick of dealing with stupid people over politics, misinterpretations of my words and intentions, personal life,work, EVERYTHING.

Does anyone know how irritating it is for the first reaction to your honesty to be indignation from someone else? I’m not saying anything for my health or for shits and giggles,I’m saying it because I need to hear something from you, whether that is an opinion, advice, reassurance, an excuse to talk abt it, SOMETHING.

Negative reactions tell me its probably a good thing to stay away. I can rescind trust within an instant. Then I become distant, and just slowly walk away.

..but back to the point, its never just one instance that makes me mad. Its a build up over a long period of time  of unaddressed and unresolved annoyances and grievances that then blow up after the last straw.

The stupid hysteria over Trump and Russia pissed me off because of how ridiculous it is and all of the shrieking  about non-issues while real shit flies under the radar. Literally no one is talking about the Drone bombing in Yemen or the about face he has shown over ending U.S. meddling in foreign affairs. Instead they wanna talk about his tax returns (spoiler: THATS A RED HERRING YOU FUCKING MORON,THERE’S NOTHING THERE) and call him a “kremlin puppet”… if you say this to me I’m automatically declaring you to be “low info”.

Personal life makes me angry because holy shit do I get tired of people making assumptions about my intentions and misinterpreting my words. It happens every fucking day, imagine how infuriating and exhausting it is to be playing defence online and offline all the time because people can’t be bothered to ask you what you meant instead of acting like an asshole.

Work is infuriating because I do so much shit to get paid peanuts in return that is hardly enough to pay bills; Then I’m broke for the rest of the month.I can’t save any money, can’t plan for anything because of that, and on top of that I’m ducking and dodging…*drumroll* POLITICAL DEBATES AT WORK.


I’m starting to understand why some people drink so much. Anything to forget how horrible life is for a few hours must be heavenly.

/end of rant



Let’s go ahead and talk politics, why not?

Disclaimer: when getting into this subject sometimes I can come across as blunt and straightforward.  That’s my writing style, take it or leave it. So, politics..ugh, I’ve had the misfo…

Source: Let’s go ahead and talk politics, why not?