Tumblr meme lol

    • 1: it’s the apocalypse. you lay next to the person you trust and love most, and start talking. you know your time is limited. what is the one thing you want them to know before you two die?  That I care about them.
    • 2: you are faced with an almighty spirit. it tells you that you must choose two emotions\feelings – one of them you will never feel again, and the other becomes your most dominant. which two are those? never feel again: Sadness Dominant: Joy
    • 3: what is the one thing you want your best friend to never do? why? how will you react if they do it? Lie to me. I get angry and lose trust in them.
    • 4: do you have a favorite tv show? why is it your favorite? what is the reason you started watching it, and what is the reason you continued? I don’t watch tv lol.
    • 5: do you have a favorite musical instrument? if yes, why exactly is it your favorite? can you play it/would you ever? I have a couple of favorites: Viola and Guitar. I can play the viola because I played it in school, but not guitar unfortunately lol.
    • 6: who is your all-time favorite character? why exactly? do you relate to them, and how? Character? Hmm, maybe Kenshin? He was overall a good person with a dark past, but he pushed forward and changed his life for the better. I admired that about him.
    • 7: is there anything you believe in? what is it? why do you believe in it? can you tell us something that explains this belief?  I believe in the fact that I have no idea what I believe in lmao. That’s the most honest I can be at this point in my life.
    • 8: you are locked in a room until the day you die, and have a choice to spend this time with one person. will you choose someone? if yes, who is it? why?  My mom, because if I had to die she would be the person I’d want next to me to calm my fear of the end.
    • 9: what is the book that got you into reading, if there even is one? what was so special about it? when did you read it? I can’t remember, its been so long lol. Maybe Goosebumps when I was a kid? 
    • 10: what is the song i have to listen to so i could know you better? At this point you’d have to listen to certain songs to know about stages in my life lol, there isn’t any definitive song that would help anyone understand me, I’m complicated.
    • 11: do you prefer being outside when its sunny or when its dark? Sunny
    • 12: do you like the rain? why? do you prefer storms or light dripping? I do like the rain, but a regular downpour, not storms.
    • 13: hot chocolate with cinnamon, marshmellows, both or none? Marshmallows
    • 14: do you like tea? why? if yes, what is your favorite kind?  Yes, I love green tea
    • 15: do you enjoy coffee? if yes, do you drink it for the taste or for the caffeine? No, coffee is no bueno.
    • 16: what is your perfect playlist for studying? where is the perfect place to listen to it? The best playlist for studying is silence, anything else is distracting.
    • 17: what is your favorite color? why? what is your least favorite shade of this color? My favorite color changes periodically, but right now I love dark green.
    • 18: think of a person you love. now describe them, using only stuff that only you would describe them with. (for example – my person would be described by reading a new book while there’s a storm outside.) Pass, not touching this mushy question lol
    • 19: what is the song you feel like you HAVE to know to play? Pass on this one too
    • 20: do you like writing? do you prefer to write on a computer or in a notebook?  I do like writing, and either method works for me tbh.
    • 21: shuffle your playlist until you get to a song you will never skip. what is this song? why do you never skip it? do you recommend it? I never skip “calling” by Vamps, because of the second verse:
    • “Don’t waste your time pretending like you don’t know what to do
    • cause you already know the answer is inside of you
    • get up and do it, only you can change your life
    • I’ll be there for you when you open up your eyes”
    • 22: do you like stargazing? why? Nah
    • 23: what is your favorite hour of the day? The end of the day lol
    • 24: what is your harry potter house? did you get sorted on pottermore or do you think it represents you better? I never did this, because I don’t care about stuff like this lol
    • 25: what is your patronus? My WHAT?! The heck you talkin about whipper snapper?!
    • 26: do you want to write a book? if yes, did you start already? NO and NO
    • 27: what is your favorite smell? Citrus scents
    • 28: picture yourself at ease. now describe what exactly did you picture – with who you are? where? what exactly put you at ease? At home, in bed, on the internet…exactly what I’m doing now lol
    • 29: you have the option to forget one book/series completly and reread/rewatch it from the start. what book/series is it? I got nothing,lol
    • 30: what do you love most about humanity?…there’s things to love? lol I guess…people tend to be helpful? idk, this isn’t a subject I tend to think about honestly.

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